What is an Orthotic?

A orthotic is a device that can either support, align and correct the function of the body’s musculoskeletal system.

When we have severe Bio mechanical problems it can impact on your feet, knee’s, hips and lower back. A custom made Orthotic is designed to support and align the function of your feet, control planes of motion and effect good Skeletal Health .

A custom made Orthotic, with all 3 planes of motion which have been corrected, enables your AMA Podiatrist to alter certain movements and or offload stress within the tissues of the foot.

Correctly aligned Orthotics are very effective in offering support and control, where we not only stabilize the foot, we stabilize the entire Skeletal System.

Do I Need Orthotics?

Some of the conditions orthotic therapy help are:

  • Osgood Schatters Syndrome
  • Growing Pains
  • Severs Disease
  • Knee Pain
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Shin Splints
  • Lower back Pain

Biomechanical Assessment

Our Qualified Podiatrists at AMA Podiatry conduct a full biomechanical assessment of your skeletal system before any Orthotic recommendations are considered.

This Skeletal assessment includes:

  • aaBiomechanical assessment, we carry out a full assessment of the patient checking the body and underlying skeletal system for any alignment issues. Including non weight bearing anatomical examination, muscle testing and non weight bearing lower limb posture assessment.
  • Pathology: We check medical and family history which may be a cause of any lower limb or foot abnormalities.
  • Gait assessment and shoe function: We conduct a full digital gait assessment, checking walking and running.
  • Footwear analysis: Checking that the shoe provides support and function for your feet.
  • Paediatric assessment: early detection of motion and postural problems included in a through examination.

We then prescribe a treatment plan suited to you. AMA may recommend either physio, specialist treatment, or orthotic therapy.


By using a non weight bearing optimal position cast AMA Podiatry delivers a device that is custom made for you. Ensuring longevity, comfit and accuracy of the life span of your orthotics.

Customized Orthotics

What types of devices are there?

AMA Podiatry only recommend and manufacture a fully controlling device, as we specialize in treating severe postural and joint pathology.

The difference with a custom made AMA TRIPLANAR device is simple, we correct all 3 planes of MOTION. While other custom made orthotics only control two. Based on this method we prescribe a range of orthotics that are designed for your requirements and budget.

What is the difference?

Follow up

003Once our orthotic devices are dispensed we follow a strict 3,6, 12 and 2 yearly review with all out patients. We believe that it is important to review any changes that take place during your body’s adjustment to skeletal health. And thus give you continued peace of mind for your long term health.

AMA and its partner Triplane Orthotics have over 25 years experience in manufacturing our unique triplanar hand crafted devices.

By using our non weight bearing optimal position cast and strict quality control we deliver a device that is custom made for you that ensure longevity, comfort and accuracy over the life expectance of twenty years . Needing little modification over that period.

Also by using our TRIPLANAR (CCP) correction technique we have the ability to offer 3d direct milled laser scanning for eva orthotics.

Direct Milled 3D Laser Scanned

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