Specialised Podiatry Services


sclerosing This is a technique that has been used since the nineteen fifties (Steinberg 1953) to treat lesions such as neuromas, adhesions and chronic recurrent corns.The procedure is an injection technique where the bevel edge of the needle is used as a micro scalpel, releasing the underlying adhesions and then a solution is injected into the area to lift the epidermis from the underlying dermis. This allows the infiltration of blood vessels and thus increases the circulation to the area.

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Nerve Blocks

nerve-blocks Chronic pain is a cycle that develops if pain persists for more than 3 month period. This has a number of names including causalgia and reflex sympathetic dystrophy. The problem is that the part of the brain, hypothalamus, has set up a cycle to protect an area that has seen major and in some causes minor tissue damage. The cycle is continuous even if the original problem is removed.

The most common types include lower back, knee and ankle injuries. Physiotherapy, massage and medication are all ways of managing the pain however; another method is that of peripheral nerve blocks. This is where a long action anaesthetic is used to block the pain area for six to eight hours. This is effective in breaking the cycle and so allows the body to heal itself with other modalities.

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Phenolization – Nail Surgery

phenolization Ingrown toe nails, onychocryptosis, are caused by the collapse of the nail bed at the near (proximal) end of the nail. The usual cause of this is the destruction of the supportive fat pad on either side of the bone.The change in curvature of the nail compromises the tissue channel the nail grows in and so the corner of the nail cuts into the tissue in the attempt to create a new channel. This results in pain and often infection. Self treatment will hold the pain at bay for some period however the result is often a disfigured nail and nail bed with spicules growing into the flesh.

A very effective treatment for this is a Matrixectomy using phenol cautery. The procedure, if carried out correctly, will be a permanent solution with no regrowth and the nail will have a near normal appearance after the healing process.

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molescan Melanoma is a cancer that is very invasive. When they are in areas of high stress the metastasis’ break off and can enter the blood stream where they lodge in various organs, lungs, liver and lymph nodes.Early detection is essential to give a more favourable outcome. As we seldom inspect of our feet, especially the bottom of the foot the Podiatrist is often the person to notice any suspicious lesions. Our clinic now has the equipment for early detection of any suspicious lesions thereby expediting any necessary treatment.

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