Sports & Sporting Injuries

Sports Injuries AMA Podiatry has had a long association with athletes and the sports they play, from general recreation to elite professionals, children and youth.

When sporting injuries do happen our podiatrist play a integral role in your rehabilitation and recover process. Sports and physical injuries often fall into two categories, overuse and repetitive strain.

Some of the conditions AMA Podiatry can help are;

  • Shin splints
  • Severe’s and Achilles problems
  • Knee and Hip problems
  • Groin injuries
  • Lower back problems

Sports and sporting injuriesOur assessment & advice combined with treatment involves;

  • Anti-inflammation
  • Use of our coplan strapping technique
  • Referral to have quality massage
  • Referral to our selected network of physiotherapy professionals
  • Dolocast Shock wave Therapy
  • Foot wear advice, and the professionals who supply them
  • Stretching techniques
  • Advice after recovery to prevent recurrence

Having worked extensively in the sports area over the past twenty years Alex Adam has become fully conversant in the mechanisms that result in sports injuries in most sports.

Having worked in all disciplines from elite sprinters, jumpers and various ball sports to weekend runners and footballers we have developed specific treatments to help the health of the individual through to performance enhancing devices to improve the power transfer through the skeletal system.

Alex has worked closely with sports physiotherapists to screen players in the effort to reduce skeletal strain as well as identify weak areas of the individual and then change the dynamics to aid in the prevention of injuries.

AMA podiatry has for 25 years manufactured their own orthotics to ensure the correct alignment is acquired and the professional is involved from the original diagnosis through to the after care.

AMA Podiatry and there professional team of podiatrist are here to help you perform at the level you desire and ensure you minimise the impact on your body.

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