Biomechanical Assessment

Our Qualified Podiatrists at AMA Podiatry conduct a full biomechanical assessment of your skeletal system before any Orthotic recommendations are considered.

This Skeletal assessment includes:

  • Biomechanical assessment, we carry out a full assessment of the patient checking the body and underlying skeletal system for any alignment issues.
  • Including non-weight bearing anatomical examination, muscle testing and non-weight bearing lower limb posture assessment.
  • Pathology: We check medical and family history which may be a cause of any lower limb or foot abnormalities.
  • Gait assessment and shoe function: We conduct a full digital gait assessment, checking walking and running.
  • Footwear analysis: Checking that the shoe provides support and function for your feet.
  • Paediatric assessment: early detection of motion and postural problems included in a thorough examination.

AMA Podiatry will then prescribe a treatment plan which may include, referral to other health practioners, orthotic therapy, or specialist treatment.

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