At Alex Adam Podiatry, we service Hampton and its surrounding suburbs.

As a trained Podiatrist and healthcare professional Alex Adam saw the need for improvement in the delivery of Muscoskeletal and peadatric health. He set about founding AMA Podiatry to do just that.
AMA Podiatry is a holistic practice committed in providing the highest level of podiatric care for 30 years.

AMA Podiatry has a long history in Children’s Podiatry assessment and early childhood development, with Alex Adam being taught by Dr Richard Bogdan (Berkley University California), and city of Kingston chief Maternal Health paediatric adviser for the past 8 years.

AMA has a strong commitment to quality patient care with a holistic approach; our dedicated team are often asked “is my child’s feet ok”.

We provide a detailed review of your child’s walking, range of motion, gait difficulties and balance and coordination assessment. We offer early intervention techniques, develop treatment plans, and explain outcomes in simple terms. Unlike some practitioners who haven’t had any formal training in children’s development, Alex Adam has been providing trusted outcomes to allow the normal development of the child’s limbs through growth.

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Being available to the patients of Hampton, AMA Podiatry has a special interest in lower limb conditions. We treat chronic and acute foot, ankle and knee pain. We also offer high quality, plantar heel pain management, orthotic management sports podiatry and sports injury management. With general foot care needs including nail surgeries, corns, callus, plantar warts, ingrown toenails and fungal treatments.

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