Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Treatment

Age can be a major factor in relationship to the state and health of the body’s tissues. Often seen as a negative impact to mobility, independence and your lifestyle.

At AMA Podiatry our podiatrists are experienced and skilled in diabetic foot care treatment. We fully understand the mechanism that lead to complications. All patients undergo ongoing thorough assessments to investigate and identify any risk factors relating to any neurovascular problems.

This allows the early detection of changes bought about by diabetes and develop a treatment plan. High risk patients are assessed every six months.

Our treatments cover nail care, removal of corns and callous, wound assessment and management, foot massage and foot wear advice.

Diabetes can bring about changes that effect your feet in many ways. Including:

  • Vascular change
  • Skin change and ulcers
  • Nail and infections
  • Gait and walking patterns
  • Orthopaedic change
  • Nerve sensitivity

By taking an in-depth approach, we review your current history, doctor’s reports, associated health problems

To formulate a medical and holistic approach for your treatment.

AMA clinics contains the necessary equipment to allow various investigations including;

  • Arterial Doppler recording
  • 02 Specific gravity reading
  • Full neurovascular assessments

We have a dedicated room with full computer aided gait analysis system, for early detection of pressure point problems of the feet. Our strict sterilization procedures and infection control (as per 2018 podiatry standards) ensures the lowest risk of infection and cross contamination while treating all patients.

By carrying out a full diabetes assessment, combined with early detection of these issues, our podiatry team can minimize and, in some cases, reverse the pathology present.

Diabetes and Wound Care

Our senior Podiatrist Alex Adam at AMA Podiatry has been leading the way in diabetic foot care treatment in Melbourne for the past 16 years. By understanding the mechanism of the disease (type1) & (type 2) we can develop a treatment plan involving you, and your own medical team.

As a trained diabetic educator Alex and AMA understands the impact of living with a chronic illness. We are fully aware of how important accurate information can influence your lifestyle.
All too often you the patient receives conflicting information and we are well versed in clarifying the disease and its associated pathology. By using a medical and holistic approach for your treatments and wound care, we have shown proven results in reversing the effects of this disease.

We are all aware that experience comes at a cost

 a healthy life

AMA Podiatry have qualified Podiatrists, all have specific training in different treatments.

All treatment plans are scrutinized by our Principal Podiatrist, ensuring the highest level of care.

We can offer BULK BILLING for Medicare and EPC patients, for general podiatry and neurovascular treatments.

Conditions apply

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