Ingrown Toenail


One of the most common pathologies in Growing Children. The reasons for the development of ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis) are as follows:

  • At first it is the result of growing bone of the toe (phalanx) stretching the nail bed and resulting in pressure. This results in the patient trying to remove the side of the nail to release the pressure and this result is
  • Small spicules that can become embedded in the sulci (skin) and in most instances will puncture the skin and cause infection.
  • Trauma can also cause ingrown nail, the destruction of the supporting matrix of the nail leads to the collapse of the nail matrix and a curvature downwards into the sulci. Types of trauma can be: tight fitting shoes, over pronation of the forefoot, scar tissue from earlier episodes of infection and injury to the area.
  • Often, we hear that they are genetic, Mum had them and this is associated with biomechanical stresses and can be helped with orthotic therapy.

Ingrown toe nails are often seen in adults and can cause considerable distress and recurrent infections. Ingrown toenails can even be painful with just the weight of the sheets on them at night. 


A visit to the Podiatrists that understands the issues, not all podiatrists know the effective treatment regimes.

The podiatrist can release the pressure by carefully temporally remove the offending nail boarder and applying packing, antiseptic and dressing to the area. A nightly soaking in mild warm salty water will also help relieve the discomfort and any infection present.

This treatment is effective if the ingrown nail is mild however if pain returns after 2 weeks it indicates that the ingrown nail is chronic and may require the permanent removal of the offending nail border and this can be done at our clinic, AMA Podiatry. This is done under local aesthetic with full recovery within a fortnight.

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