High Level Laser Therapy

Chattanooga Laser Therapy

Chattanooga laser therapy is an effective tool used for the management and treatment of painful conditions and assists in the regeneration of acute and chronic injuries of the foot ankle and lower limb.

High Powered Laser Therapy is non-invasive and uses a specifically tuned and concentrated frequencies of light and deeper penetration to stimulate healing. Its higher power achieves greater photonic delivery, shortening treatment times, generating a thermal effect, Bio Stimulation and Photomechanical effect, (a natural process of energy transfer) and speeds up healing and regeneration.

Clinical Effects Of Laser Therapy

High level laser works directly at a cellular level causing a range of effects:

  • Anti-Inflammation & Edema
  • Analgesic & Vascular
  • Cartilage production
  • Muscle Regeneration
  • Collagen Production
  • Nerve Regeneration
  • Bone Formation

More about biological effects

How is this achieved?

Laser energy stimulates a healing cascade which facilitates the ATP synthesis in the tissue (light energy is converted into chemical energy), promoting protein synthesis and cell proliferation.

The High-Powered Laser light is applied topically to the injury site in need of repair, the tissue then absorbs the energy. This leads to a biological and chemical reaction to the frequencies of red and near infrared light where damaged cells have a physiological reaction that helps promote their regeneration.

Differing wavelengths and outputs are used dependant on the purpose of the treatment, which provides a powerful non-addictive form of pain management. This process results in reduced inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness and ultimately leads to tissue repair and a decrease in pain and discomfort.


High Powered Laser Therapy can help

Today Chattanooga Laser Therapy is commonly used by you AMA Podiatrist when treating sporting injuries both acute and chronic, for rehabilitation and foot, ankle and lower leg pathologies.

Because of its deeper tissue penetration, it produces faster and more effective treatment outcomes for soft tissue and joint pain than older technology to date. Laser Therapy is effective in reducing inflammation, swelling, muscle spasms, stiffness and ultimately leads to tissue repair and a decrease in pain and discomfort. Conditions treated:

Sport Injuries

Pain Therapy – Inflammation/stimulation – Patella Femoral – Achilles Tendonitis – Muscular Trauma – Calf Strain & Tears


Pain Therapy | Trigger Point/Muscle spasm | Arthritis | Acute & Chronic Pathologies | Mobility | Muscle repair

Foot Ankle Legs

Plantar Fasciitis     Bunion Pain     Shin Splints     Wart Therapy     Wound Healing     Acute Ankle Sprain

Laser Treatment & the Body

High Level Laser

Laser therapy & Biological Tissue Effect

During the treatment process, when laser interacts with biological tissue four phenomena happens simultaneously: reflection, absorption, scattering and transmission. During your treatment your AMA Podiatrist selects the correct wavelength and power in order to reach the target tissue and pathology of the injury site. This therapeutic window (600nw to 1100nw) allows interaction with deep tissue, overcoming the natural dispersion and reaches the seat of the injury.

Medical Effect

Differing wavelengths and outputs are used dependant on the purpose of the treatment, which provides a powerful non-addictive form of pain management. Your AMA Podiatrist will use the High-Powered Laser Therapy for treatment in one of two modes.

Either pulsed (the laser is pulsed at intervals of high frequency and is used as an analgesic treatment) Or in a continuous sweeping motion (where the laser remains on for the whole treatment, and is used to promote bio stimulation, healing and recovery).

Each mode will affect the tissue differently and present different healing effect. The healing effects overall are bio stimulation, pain relief, anti-inframammary reduction, superficial thermic effect and muscle relaxation.

Pulsed Interval

Analgesic Treatment Microcirculation


Continuous Treatment

Bio Stimulation Thermic Effect

Muscle Relaxation

High Powered Laser & Penetration

Why is deeper penetration so important?

Chattanooga laser therapy penetrates much deeper than any other commonly used therapeutic laser therapy. The ability of the laser to penetrate to depth is often incorrectly attributed to only the wavelength. This higher power has a fundamental role in the therapeutic action of laser on tissues by:

  • Transmitting more healing energy
  • Generating a Thermal effect
  • Larger treatment area
  • Shorter dosage time
  • Greater photonic delivery
  • Faster healing & Regeneration
  • Immediate pain reduction
  • 3 applications of only 15 mins


Treatment with High level Laser is safe. However, there are safety precautions that need to be followed in order to ensure safety. High Intensity Laser light can be dangerous to the eyes (even closed eyes), therefore both the patient and the treating podiatrist must wear safety glasses. As High-level Laser operates in high powers the podiatrist will ask the patient about their sensations during the treatment and if needed will adjust the power according to the patient’s feeling.

The great benefit of the High-Level Laser is that it’s absolutely painless. The podiatrist delivers the therapy moving the applicator above the skin surface in either scanning or spiral motion.

HLL requires a dynamic application technique to avoid burns When used in pulsed mode (analgesia), there is little or no heat sensation. In continuous mode (biostimulation), the treatment programs are pre-set to be safe. To secure safety High level Laser power starts at low values and can be increased if desirable. Your Podiatrist operating the High-Level Laser are well trained and certified in its professional use and treatment.

General treatments (of 15 minutes duration) vary between either 3 or 6 treatments. The number of treatments is based on the severity of the injury, and how the patient responds with treatment. Your podiatrist sets the number of treatments so that the therapy is the most effective and suitable to your treatment plan.

There are no side-effects to the treatment. There is a possibility of slight redness of the treatment area which disappears within several hours after the treatment. As with most physical therapies the patient might feel a temporary worsening of their condition which also disappears within several hours after the treatment.

No, the treatment is in contrary to pain medication non-addictive.

No, there is no limit to the number of treatments as the therapy is non-addictive. Your podiatrist will determine whether their patient needs more treatments or conclude that in the given patient’s case the therapy is not effective and suggest other therapy options.

Contradictions- patients with suspected or obvious neoplasm-pregnant women-treatment of photo sensitive areas-treatment of infected areas-epileptic patients-areas of hemorrhage-treatment of the sympathetic nerve-vagus nerve, or cardiac area of patients-Do not use on eyes.

Always wear protective glasses

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