Orthotic Therapy

Orthotic Therapy

At AMA podiatry we have 25 years of experience in biomechanics and musculoskeletal health. ORTHOTIC therapy is the Biomechanical science of using functional foot orthotics to support and align the function of your feet, control planes of motion and alleviate a range of musculoskeletal issues not limited to the feet.

A customized orthotic is a corrective device that can either support, align and correct the function of the body’s musculoskeletal system by improving foot function and lower limb mechanics.

A true orthotic has a completely customised mid foot support, designed specifically for an individual to treat a specific problem.

Why are our Orthotics more effective?

The difference with a custom-made AMA TRIPLANAR device is simple, we correct all 3 planes of MOTION.

While other custom-made orthotics only control two. Based on this method we prescribe a range of orthotics that are designed for your requirements and budget.

AMA Podiatry and its partner Triplane Orthotics have over 25 years’ experience in manufacturing our unique Triplanar hand crafted devices.

Conditions Orthotic therapy assist

Orthotic therapy is used for the treatment and prevention of common lower limb function conditions such as;

Why are our Orthotics more effective
  • Sever’s Disease – child’s growth plate problems
  • Osgood Schlatter’s Syndrome – Knee pain
  • Shin Splints
  • Lower back and Hip pain
  • Bunions – Hammer Toes
  • Neuroma’s
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles Tendonitis
  • Arthritis
  • Post Tibial Dysfunction

Biomechanical Assessment

Our Qualified Podiatrists at AMA Podiatry conduct a full biomechanical assessment of your skeletal system. We consider all treatment therapies to ensure an accurate treatment plan before any Orthotic recommendations are considered.

This Skeletal assessment includes:

  • Biomechanical assessment, we assess the body and underlying skeletal system for any alignment issues.
  • Including non-weight bearing anatomical examination, muscle testing and non-weight bearing lower limb posture assessment.
  • Pathology: We check medical and family history which may be a cause of any lower limb or foot abnormalities.
  • Gait assessment and shoe function: We conduct a full digital gait assessment, checking walking and running.
  • Footwear analysis: Checking that the shoe provides support and function for your feet.

The difference with a TRIPLANAR (CCP) correction technique is by controlling 3 PLANES OF MOTION we not only stabilize the foot; we stabilize the entire skeletal system

Will Orthotics help my feet?

If during your walking life your activity’s, lifestyle or environment have a negative impact on your body, then yes, every person can benefit from some musculoskeletal relief with a correctly prescribed orthotic.

Correctly aligned Orthotics are very effective in offering support and control, where we not only stabilize the foot, we stabilize the entire Skeletal System. Do I need Orthotic Therapy?

Orthotic Devices

Types of Orthotic Devices

An orthotic is any device that alters the alignment of the body. Unfortunately, many can become confused as to what type of orthotic is best suited for their needs. What type of orthotic devices are there?

Foot Casting

Casting v foot bed scanning

The most critical stage before an orthotic is produced, is understanding what specific individual requirements are needed to align the foot. AMA Podiatry believes using a non-weight bearing optimal position cast will produce accurate results. Using years of biomechanical training and understanding key areas where foot position needs to change will ensure longevity, comfort and accuracy for the life span of your orthotics.

Current footbed scanners and the programs used to make adjustments cannot reproduce what experience, knowledge and advanced skills our podiatrist have during this critical stage to date. Footbed Scanning

We current use this type of casting technique as it produces the best result for a true and accurate orthotic individually tailored for you.

Customized Orthotics

At AMA Podiatry we only manufacture devices that control the entire skeletal system.  The majority of orthotics in the current market only consider the foot because of heel and ankle pain, and so these are known as accommodative devices Used to treat symptoms only.

AMA Podiatry only recommend and manufacture a fully controlling device, as we specialize in treating severe postural and joint pathology, which improves the health of the body as well as helping the presenting symptoms.

A mass-produced device will only help very minor foot fatigue issues and have little effect on skeletal health. Whereas a custom made orthotic can control 3 planes of motion.

Your Orthotic Review

We believe that it is important to review any changes that take place during your body’s adjustment to skeletal health. And thus, give you continued peace of mind for your long-term health.

Now you have been wearing your orthotics for a couple of weeks our podiatrist will check your progress and review any changes that take place during your body’s adjustment to skeletal health.

We offer: Scheduled reviews 4 weeks after fitting to modify and adjust the orthotics free of charge.

We follow you through with 3,6- and 12-month reviews where required. This allows us to monitor your progress, offer specific strengthening and stretching exercise plans, or other regimes if required as part of your treatment plan.

Orthotic Review

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