Paediatrics – Children to Young Adult

AMA Podiatry has a long history in Children’s Podiatry assessment and early childhood development. Your pediatric podiatrist has a strong commitment to quality patient care with a holistic approach, our dedicated team review your child through walking, range of motion, gait difficulties and balance and coordination assessment.

Some Conditions do normally outgrow themselves, other conditions require some form of intervention. Combined with advice from the parent and associated health care provider we formulate a treatment plan for your child. Alex Adam is the chief Pediatric Foot Doctor for the southeast corridor of Melbourne and the city of Kingston Maternal Health for the past eight years.

From your child’s initial assessment, your Pediatric Podiatrist will advise you of the best management plan for your child’s feet.

Goals and outcomes are developed in consultation with both your child and family in mind.

Alex Adam & AMA are the chief consultants for pediatric podiatry

for the City of Kingston Maternal Health for the past eight years.

Classifications in Children


  • This is where the intrauterine position of the child is compromised, and this can be a breech birth.
  • Late turning, late delivery time, large child and small womb.
  • Also damage to the womb wall causing the foot or feet to become entangled.

‘Genetic or Structural’

This type will produce conditions such as Metatarsus Adducts, and in toed gait in teen age years conditions such as, Osgood Schlatter’s Syndrome, growing pains, Severs disease and Knee Pain.

We provide consultation and advice on children’s feet and lower limb conditions, including;

  • Toe Walking
  • Curly Toes
  • In Toeing/ In toe walking
  • Knock Knees
  • Late Walking (longer than fourteen months)
  • Osgood Schlatter’s Syndrome
  • Growing Pains
  • Section/Severs Disease
  • Knee and lower back pain

Some Conditions may go undetected

in early childhood. It is not until

the child enters Puberty

that these conditions Arise.

After consultation if treatment is required for any conditions, AMA Podiatry can provide advice on either strength or stretching programs, correct footwear advice, casting or Ortho Kids orthotic therapy.

As part of our ongoing training and mentoring program, the team at AMA Podiatry continually provide education for our pediatric podiatrists. This enables them to provide you with assurance that any treatment plan advised for your child/young adult is based on the very best and latest evidence and experience. Your local podiatrist near me!

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