Paediatrics – Children’s Foot Care

AMA Podiatry has a long history in Children’s foot care and Paediatric podiatry assessment. Your children’s foot care podiatrist has a strong commitment to early childhood development with a holistic approach

Every parent has concerns about their child’s paediatric development. We understand how your child’s feet develop, the signs of potential problems and how early detection is important. And provide information that can reassure parents in terms of their child’s foot health.

Some Conditions do normally outgrow themselves; other conditions require some form of intervention. Our experienced clinical team review your child through walking, range of motion, gait difficulties and balance and coordination assessment.

Children’s Foot Care

Babies newborn feet

Despite its small size, the newborn foot is a complex structure, and still undergoing changes as they are not yet fully formed. Allow time for baby to exercise their feet, (kicking and other range of movement motions) thus preparing your baby’s feet and legs for walking.

Once your baby takes there first steps, parents first notice a difference with their walking pattern or gait. It not uncommon for little ones to walk on their toes, however persistent toe-walking is not normal. Some sitting positions may also affect feet and leg development.

Alex Adam chief Children Paediatric Podiatrist for the city of Kingston

Maternal Health for the past eight years

Children & Teenagers

As children and teens grow, they can experience symptoms of the foot that affect lower limb function. Pains in growing joints are often associated with poor foot biomechanics, and maybe a contributing factor. This can cause development of pain and injury in children’s knees, legs and hips.

Some Conditions do normally outgrow themselves, but other conditions (related to growth and development) require some form of intervention. “growing pains” are often confused with other undelaying problems. During your child’s initial assessment, your paediatric podiatrist will work together as a team considering advice from both the parent and associated health care provider.

We provide consultation and advice on children’s feet and lower limb conditions and associated foot problems, including;

Classifications of conditions

When our podiatrist considers a diagnosis, we consider both structural environmental and genetic information. Read more

Some Conditions may go undetected in early childhood.

It is not until the child enters Puberty that these conditions arise.

A foot and lower limb biomechanical assessment incorporates a comprehensive evaluation of the structure, alignment and function of the feet and legs. Our children’s podiatrist will review your child by the following:

Children’s Biomechanical Assessment

  • Visual Gait analysis or slow-motion video capture
  • Assessment of dynamic gait (of the muscloskeletal frame)
  • Balance and coordination assessment
  • Joint flexibility and functional range of motion
  • Muscle activation patterns
  • Identify age specific gross & fine motor skills
  • Meeting developmental milestones

After your child’s completed assessment, your paediatric podiatrist will advise you if treatment is advised and what recommendations for your child’s condition.  Goals and outcomes are developed in consultation with both your child and family in mind. AMA Podiatry can provide advice on either strength or stretching programs, correct footwear advice, or Ortho Kids orthotic therapy.

Our team of children’s podiatrist at AMA Podiatry are highly experienced, with Alex Adam the chief consultant paediatric podiatrist for the City of Kingston Maternal Health for the past eight years, and in clinical practice for the past 30 years.

This enables them to provide you with assurance that any treatment plan advised for your child and teenager is based on the very best and latest evidence, research and experience.

If you have any concerns about your child’s foot health and development, seek the advice of our qualified and caring podiatrist today.

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