By using a non weight bearing optimal position cast AMA Podiatry delivers a device that is custom made for you. Ensuring longevity, comfit and accuracy of the life span of your orthotics.


Customized Orthotics

What types of devices are there?

AMA Podiatry only recommend and manufacture a fully controlling device, as we specialize in treating severe postural and joint pathology.

The difference with a custom made AMA TRIPLANAR device is simple, we correct all 3 planes of MOTION. While other custom made orthotics only control two. Based on this method we prescribe a range of orthotics that are designed for your requirements and budget.

What is the difference?

Follow up

Once our orthotic devices are dispensed we follow a strict 3,6, 12 and 2 yearly review with all out patients. We believe that it is important to review any changes that take place during your body’s adjustment to skeletal health. And thus give you continued peace of mind for your long term health.


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