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Ingrown toenail (onychocryptosis) are toe nails that tend to grow inwards and dig into the flesh of the toe. They are caused by the collapse of the nail bed at or near (proximal) end of the nail. Common causes of this painful condition include, poor nail care and cutting, or cutting to far down the side of the nail.

Shoe type (fashion shoes and work boots) being either to tight or poor quality of fitment.

The effect that this has on the feet is the destruction of the supportive fat pad on either side of the bone. The change in curvature of the nail compromises the tissue channel the nail grows in. And so, the corner of the nail tends to cut into the surrounding tissue and attempts to create a new channel in which to grow.

This results in pain and most often secondary bacterial infection. Self-treatment will hold the pain at bay for some period, however the result often leads to a disfigured nail and nail bed with spicules (a sliver of nail separated from the parent nail) growing into the flesh.

AMA Podiatry has found the most effective treatment for this is a Mastoidectomy using phenol cautery for a ingrown toenail.

Nail Surgery

The Procedure if carried out correctly, will be a permanet solution with no regrowth and the nail will have normal appearance after the healing process.

This treatment is carried out in-house at AMA Podiatry by our senior podiatric professional and clinical team.

The procedue is painless due to administration of a local annaesthetic.

Walk in Walk Out Service

We provide you with a before surgery pack outlining what is involved with the surgery such as:

  • In house procedure (carried out that day)
  • Footwear to be used during and after surgery
  • After Care management of the toe
  • Pain management (minimal post-op discomfort)
  • Follow up visits (aftercare)

Walk in Walk Out Service

With over 25 years of experience AMA follows strict guidelines in infection control and patient care. A walk-in walk out procedure, with no down time of your feet. Safe and effective procedure carried out by our experienced Senior Podiatrist, under local anaesthetic and sterile conditions.

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