Podiatry Services

We provide, accurate evaluations, diagnosis, treatment rehabilitation, prevention and management in relation to structural and musculoskeletal conditions. We consider all treatment therapies to ensure an accurate treatment plan.
AMA Podiatry’s commitment to quality patient care is at the core of our practice.

Sports Podiatry

AMA Podiatry has worked extensively in the sports area over the past twenty-five years. Alex and his team are experienced and skilled in identifying the mechanisms that result in sporting injuries. Whether you enjoy recreational sports, or you are a committed athlete we have evidenced based treatments to assist you.

Plantar Fasciitis- Heel Pain

There are many mis-conceptions centred around planta fasciitis and heel pain. AMA Podiatry have found most cases of plantar fasciitis is a secondary symptom to a more seriously underlying cause, including vascular, skeletal or bio mechanical. Because of this, it is essential that an accurate diagnosis be made at the onset of the first symptom.

Orthotic Management

AMA Podiatry and our partners Triplane Orthotics specialise in custom made orthotics. With over thirty years of experience in research, casting and manufacture. We have a large range of orthotics to suit adult’s children and seniors that are designed to treat postural and joint pathology. With correctly prescribed Orthotics to suit all foot types and budgets.

Paediatrics- Children’s Podiatry

Alex Adam is the chief consultant for the City of Kingston Maternal health for the past Eight years. Our team of caring podiatrist have helped many concerned parents in regards their children’s growth and development. Our experienced team provide a full assessment to identify developmental issues, building trusting parental relationships.

Foot Care Podiatry

We believe sound foot structure is the foundation for a healthy life. Quality foot care podiatry is important to your health and wellbeing for people of all ages. Whether it is General or routine podiatry, our team of skilled and experienced podiatrist at AMA offer optimum 30-minute appointments, promoting a holistic approach to your tailored treatment plan.

Diabetic Foot Care

Age can be a major factor in relationship to the state and health of the body’s tissues. Often seen as a negative impact to mobility, independence and your lifestyle. With over twenty-five years of extensive knowledge and experience the AMA Podiatry team not only assess the health of your feet, but the health of your entire body as you age. By taking a specialized approach, we review your current

Podiatric Podiatry – Nail Surgery

Where conservative treatment of ingrown toenails fails to relive pain for an acceptable period, nail surgery should be considered. Ingrown toe nails are caused by the collapse of the nail bed at the near (proximal) end of the nail, this results in pain and often Infection. At AMA Podiatry our Senior Podiatrist Alex Adam conducts specialised surgery to remove the offending nail spike and Ensures the nail plate grows out successfully.

Podiatry Specialised Services

AMA Podiatry offer a selection of podiatry treatments including Prolotherapy, Chronic pain- Nerve Blocks and Mole scan.

Papilloma’s-Verrucae removal

Papilloma’s or more commonly known as plantar warts are caused by a virus that penetrates through the skin due to weakness In the surrounding structure. They are spread in common area’s such as, change rooms, gyms and shared showers. Often seen in the young but are also prevalent in adults. AMA Podiatry offers a formulated treatment plan for there removal. We have available Cryo Therapy (liquid nitrogen), for immediate and effective treatment.