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Commitment to service excellence and patient care

As a trained Podiatrist and healthcare Professional Alex Adam saw the need for improvement in the delivery of Musculoskeletal Health. He set about founding a clinic that would offer a better way of delivering Podiatric Service and Holistic Health, AMA Podiatry.

With experience and time, AMA has grown to deliver a diverse and innovative clinic, providing outstanding patient outcomes.

Alex’s passion for podiatry and skeletal health, his patients, continual research are reflected in the values that he and AMA stand for simply to provide the very best possible service to everyone.

Meet our team

Alex Adam

Senior Podiatrist Director (AMA Podiatry)

Diploma of applied science podiatry (Curtin University)

Member of:

  • Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)
  • Australian Podiatry Association DIP App Sc (pod)
  • Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports Medicine (AAPSM)
  • Chief Consultant Maternal Health (Kingston Maternal Health)

Alex has been a podiatrist in both clinical and research for the past thirty years. He commenced practice in Western Australia where he continued his studies in functional anatomy and biomechanics at Curtin University.

In 1996 Alex moved to Melbourne to continue his research at Melbourne University- looking into the structure of the mid foot and thus developed a unique technique to improve the stability of the lower limb TRIPLANAR (CCP). This technique reduces the effects of osteoarthritis in ankles, knees, hips and the lower back.

Alex has been the chief podiatrist for several football clubs including the Dockers and Hawthorn. He developed treatment regimes for prevention of injury, and on ground player performance. During 1996 – 2002 Alex was the lead podiatric consultant for the Hawthorn Football club, working alongside the Hawthorn Physiotherapy Clinic. He continues that passion working still with football today and its young stars.

Alex has been a consultant to several Olympic and Commonwealth Game athletes, where his knowledge led to development of techniques to improve stability in the lower limb, thus improving performance of elite athletes.

In 2002 Alex commenced practice opening Alex Adam Podiatry (AMA Podiatry) in McKinnon. With quality and evidenced based podiatry treatments at the core of our values, and an outstanding team of podiatry associates. Alex is the chief consultant for the south eastern corridor of Melbourne and the City of Kingston maternal health (for the past five years). To compliment AMA Podiatry’s network of providers, Alex has developed an extensive network of practitioners (who hold similar values on patient care).

Alex’s passion for podiatry, his patients and continual research are reflected in the values that he and AMA Podiatry stand for. SIMPLY TO PROVIDE THE VERY BEST POSSIBLE SERVICES TO EVERYONE.

Tushar Singh

B.Pd. (Health Sciences) Masters (MSc)

Member of:

  • Sports Medicine Australia (SMA)
  • Australasian Academy of Podiatric Sports
    Medicine (AAPSM)

Tushar has worked in clinical practice for 3 years, starting his career in Ballina and developing quality skills in diagnosis shockwave and laser for pathology’s. For the next 3 years Tushar has ventured into private practice to develop and expand his passion for podiatry & develop his skill set.

Tushar’s scope of knowledge includes high risk, primary, general, renal, and aged care. Combined with ongoing study in lower limb biomechanics and podiatric surgery. He adopts a holistic approach to injury, with treatment plans tailored to include exercise rehabilitation, joint manipulation (foot mobilisation techniques), post- operative rehab and orthotic therapy.

Tushar has a special interest in rheumatological and autoimmune conditions and their management.

We are delighted to welcome Tushar to AMA Podiatry and continue his passion and knowledge in podiatry injury management, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Administration Team

Jane Krishnan

Certificate III in Business

Administration (Medical)

Office Administrator

Jane has over ten years’ experience working in physio and allied health industry. She provides a warm and inviting atmosphere providing quality patient care during your visit.
Combined with an extensive training program to ensure your needs are well catered for.

Living by the bay she takes pleasure in walking their not so disciplined cavoodle, Charlie enjoying Pilates music and reading during her down time.

AMA believes that the first point of contact is the most important to the patients wellbeing and satisfaction.

We believe that the first point of contact is the most important to the patients Wellbeing and satisfaction. Garry and Jane provide a warm and inviting atmosphere providing quality patient care during your visit. Combined with an extensive training program to ensure your needs are well catered for.

How We deliver our Treatment Therapies

We have an outstanding team of podiatrist at AMA Podiatry, who are passionate about Holistic Care.

We take the time to identify, research and then diagnose your condition.

We work together as a team to empower you, provide you with understanding and identify the causes and mechanisms of your condition. Therefore, establishing an accurate and effective treatment plan individually tailored for you.

For patients with more complex conditions, we employ years of training and experience, our extensive network of practitioners, and the latest technology to formulate your treatment plan.

At AMA your Skilled Podiatrist will work with you to develop a detailed treatment plan.

At Alex Adam Podiatry our commitment to quality patient care is at the core of our practice.

We deliver longer patient consults, so you can receive the very best consultation, diagnosis and treatments.

We provide, accurate evaluations, diagnosis, treatment rehabilitation, prevention management in relation to structural and musculoskeletal conditions.

We consider all treatment therapies to ensure an accurate treatment plan.

AMA Podiatry an integral part in health care of all Victorians.

For further information, or to book please contact us here.

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Sound foot structure is the foundation for a healthy life