Do I Need Orthotic Therapy?

Do I Need Orthotic Therapy?

As a trained Podiatrist and healthcare Professional Alex Adam saw the need for improvement in the delivery of Musculoskeletal Health

If during your walking life when your environment, activity’s and lifestyle has a negative impact on your body, then yes everybody can benefit from some musculoskeletal relief with a correctly prescribed orthotic.

In most cases as we age our body’s normal healing process reduces elasticity in ligaments and tendons, thus results in a greater gravitational effect on our body’s. This can result in musculoskeletal problems and is often the cause of lower leg instability and a change in biomechanics and gait of the feet. Such as; Osteo Arthritis of the lower back, hips, knees and ankles.

As professionally Trained podiatrists in Biomechanics, gait analysis and motion we often see patients who seek help for a range of feet related issues, some common terms that are used include, foot pain in the morning, orthotics for plantar fasciitis, flat feet pain/treatment, bunion orthotics, pain under the foot, heel pain, heel spur treatment.

As such we would recommend that the patient has an accurate diagnosis carried out by a full bio mechanical assessment. Where not only are the feet measured and examined, but also hips, knees and back are assessed.

This will provide a clear assessment on how an orthotic can improve foot function.

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