At Alex Adam Podiatry, we service Beaumaris and surrounding suburbs.

As a trained Podiatrist and healthcare professional Alex Adam saw the need for improvement in the delivery of Muscoskeletal Heath. He set about founding AMA Podiatry to do just that.

Melbourne’s AMA Podiatry is a committed in providing the highest level of sports and sporting injury management for the past 30 years. Using evidenced based techniques and the latest in technology we produce the best outcomes for aspiring and professional athletes.

PODIATRIST BEAUMARISWe have a special interest in the assessment and treatment of lower limb conditions in sports players. We offer Biomechanical and gait assessment, for both acute and chronic injuries, Orthotic Management using the TRIPLANE (CCP) orthotic which corrects all 3 PLANES OF MOTION, and specialized ultra thin carbon orthotics for the elite athlete.

We treat chronic and acute foot, ankle, shin and knee injuries using shockwave therapy, High Level laser therapy and rehab treatment programs. We offer early intervention programs to prevent future injuries. We take the time to indentify research and then diagnose your condition. We work together as a team to empower you, provide you with understanding and identify the causes and mechanisms of your condition.

Being conveniently available to the patients of Beaumaris and surrounding suburbs, we also offer General podiatry foot care needs including nail surgeries, corns and callous, ingrown nail issues.
We have a special interest in the growth and development in children (peadatric podiatry) and being the chief consultant for the city of Kingston maternal health for the past eight years. And treat “growing pains, pigeon toe, out toe, clumsiness, tripping, heel pain, knee pain and gait anomalies in your child/teen.

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