Classifications of conditions

When our podiatrist considers a diagnosis, we consider both structural environmental and genetic information.

We provide you with understanding and identify the causes and mechanisms of your child’s condition. Therefore, establishing an accurate and effective treatment plan individually tailored for your child.

Such as:

Birth: Positional, we consider any birthing difficulties that may form a part of diagnosis such as:

  • This is where the intrauterine position of the child is compromised, and this can be a breech birth.
  • Late turning, late delivery time, large child and small womb.
  • Also damage to the womb wall causing the foot or feet to become entangled..

Genetic: We consider family genetics, and if there is any underlying factor that may form a part of diagnosis, such as:

  • In infants’ conditions such as Metatarsus Adducts, in toed gait and toe walking.
  • In children and teenagers’ conditions such as, Osgood Schlatter’s Syndrome, growing pains, Severs disease and Knee Pain.

Environmental: We consider if your child’s holistic environmental has a part in any diagnosis.

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