Early Toddler Feet Conditions


  • In-toeing occurs when one or both feet point toward the other due to a rotation in the foot, leg thigh or hip.
  • Children will sit on their legs in a W-shaped position, this can also cause to point inward.
  • Excessive tripping can often reveal a more serious condition such as in-toeing.
  • Podiatrists can recommend exercises, footwear changes and at times Childs orthotics to correct the problem.


  • Metatarsus adductus, is a bending of the foot inward at the instep resembling the letter “C”.
  • It is prevalent among early walkers, with tripping as a warning sign of MTA
  • Attention needs to be given to the child’s foot formation and walking patterns by a podiatrist.
  • Flexible MTA can be treated by child’s orthotics and exercises.

Toe Walking

  • Toe walking occurs when a child walks without making ground contact with their heels.
  • Toe walking can be a development phase (normal for 2 & 3 yr. old’s)
  • It sometimes may indicate further underlying pathology, which your podiatrist can provide treatment.
  • Parents should look for limping, tripping, taking shoes of, and uneven footwear.

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