Corns and Callus

What are Corns and Calluses?

Every day life can be hard, our feet carry the burden of our body weight as well a bearing the various pressures of movement and constraints of our footwear. Sometimes pressure placed on the foot becomes out of balance and extra friction falls on a particular area of the foot. When this happens, the body may respond to the pressure by producing thickened areas of skin. These hard patches of skin are called calluses (hyperkeratosis) and are part of the body’s defence system to protect the underlying tissue. If the cause of the pressure is not relieved calluses can become painful.

When pressure becomes concentrated in a small area it can form a cone shaped core and develop into a corn. Pressure of the corn or callus can produce inflammation of the tissue and can result in nerve pain, swelling, redness and sometimes bleeding.

Corns and calluses are most often found on the balls of the feet or the top of toes. They can also be found on heels and even along the sides of your toenails.

The Causes

Common reasons of increased pressure include:

  • Abnormalities in gait or movement
  • Bony prominences
  • Hammertoe or toe deformities
  • Shoes which are too small or High heels
  • Fat pad loss on the bottom of the foot
  • Flat, high arched or unusual shaped feet


Quality foot care is important to your health and wellbeing for people of all ages.

Whether it is General or routine podiatry, our team of skilled and experienced podiatrist at AMA Podiatry can offer effective treatments.

Foot callus treatment, is a reduction of the built skin to allow the callus to heal and prevent future cases, our podiatrist may redistribute pressure on the foot with soft padding and strapping.

Podiatrist corn removal

To treat painful corns, our podiatrist will gently remove some of the hard skin off the callus so that the centre of the corn can be removed. Our podiatrist will not only recommend ways to relieve pain and get rid of the corn or callus but can also help with isolating the cause and preventing reoccurring problems.

We offer optimum 30-minute appointments, promoting a holistic approach to your tailored treatment plan.

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