Thickened Toenails

Healthy nails should be thin and pink in colour, with a white tip at the end of the nail bed. With some patients, nails can become thickened and discoloured for various reasons. Thickened nails can become difficult and painful to manage if left without treatment.

Once thickness and pressure build up begins on the nail bed it can lead to irritation, progressing to tissue breakdown, and wounds forming under the nail bed.

Common symptoms include:

  • Nails may begin to lift or curve
  • Discoloured, thick or crumbling nail/nails
  • Continual pain from walking (pressure from shoes)
  • Subungual pressure builds up (from bruising or wounds under nail bed)


AMA Podiatry recommend thickened nails are best treated by, resection and thinning of the nail by one of our skilled podiatrist. A regular treatment plan can be put into place to relieve pressure, thickening, splitting and lifted nails.

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