Tinea (Athletes Foot)

Tinea or athletes foot is a vey common problem seen by AMA Podiatrists. Tinea (tinea pedis) is caused by a group of fungi called Dermatophytes, a fungal infection of the skin. It most commonly occurs in between the toes, but it can be on the soles or slides of the feet.

The fungus can be picked up from any damp or humid area where people walk barefooted, such as a bathroom, change room, gym, swimming pool or poor shoe hygiene.


Tinea treatment is a combined therapy, which involves treatment of the infection, then prevention of reoccurring infection. Common treatments include:

  • Using podiatry recommended anti-fungal cream to effected foot areas
  • Use of tinea spray applied to socks and shoes
  • Selection of shoes with leather upper
  • Wool or cotton fibre socks (to help your feet breath)

Following all the above should see the initial infection clear around a 7-day period.

If symptoms persist consult your podiatrist who can review your treatment plan, and if needed recommend a referral to your local gp for follow up.

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