Do I Need Orthotic Therapy?

We are often asked does everyone need orthotics? The simple answer to this is yes.  If during your walking life your environment, activity’s and lifestyle has a negative impact on your body, then yes everybody can benefit from some musculoskeletal relief with a correctly prescribed orthotic.

Patients often seek help for a range of feet related issues, some common terms that are used, foot pain in the morning, orthotics for plantar fasciitis, flat feet pain/treatment, bunion orthotics, pain under the foot, heel pain, heel spur treatment.

In most cases as we age our body’s normal healing process reduces elasticity in ligaments and tendons, thus results in a greater gravitational effect on our body’s. This can result in musculoskeletal problems.

Such as; Osteo Arthritis of the lower back, hips, knees and ankles.

We would recommend that the patient has an accurate diagnosis carried out by a full bio mechanical assessment. Where not only are the feet measured and examined, but also hips, knees and back are assessed.

In many cases we hear from our patients that they have tried orthotics in the past and they did nothing to help their issues. This is because the wrong orthotic was issued for their condition.

The majority of orthotics in the current market only consider the foot because of heel and ankle pain, and so these are known as accommodative devices Used to treat symptoms only.

At AMA Podiatry we only manufacture devices that control the entire skeletal system. And so, improve the health of the body as well as helping the presenting symptoms.

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