SclerosingSclerosing Technique is used to treat lesions such as neuromas, adhesions and chronic recurrent corns.

There abnormalities commonly referred to as corns, calluses, helomas, hyperkeratosis or tylomas. These are a result from the stimulation of the epidermis, and form on the weight bearing and pressure areas of the foot. Unfortunately these area’s don’t respond to normal debridement and padding.

The procedure is an injection technique where the bevel edge of the needle is used as a micro scalpel, releasing the underlying adhesions and then a solution is injected into the area to lift the epidermis from the underlying dermis. This allows the infiltration of blood vessels and thus increases the circulation to the area.

The costs are covered by most health funds and include 3 visits over a four week period. The success of the treatment is varied and is associated with each patient. We usually expect an improvement of up to 80% of symptoms within a 3 month period. This in-house procedure is carried out by our Senior Podiatrist , with before and after care provided by our caring staff.

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