What types of orthotic devices are there?

An orthotic is any device that alters the alignment of the body. Unfortunately, many can become confused as to what type of orthotic is best suited for their needs.

The types of devices are as follows;

  • Soft devices are used to comfort the foot and are used in situations where there is little structural pathology. The life of this device is usually three months before the material begins to fail.
  • Semi Flex orthotics are used for people that have mild conditions such as foot fatigue and the life of these devices is between one to three years depending on the materials used.
  • Firm orthotics comes as a fully controlling and generic support. The latter device is used for people that have moderate problems and only require a support that is more than semi rigid devices.

This Firm style of device is for people that have skeletal pathology and affect the entire skeletal system. They are used to treat foot, knee, hip and spinal pathology and require significant expertise in their prescription and manufacture.

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