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Nonsurgical Foot Treatments

Podiatrist may recommend nonsurgical foot treatments first Many times, I have patients come to AMA Podiatry because they were advised that surgery was the only way to fix their specific case. In truth what they’re looking for is an end to their chronic pain as soon as possible. However, in most cases, surgery isn’t a

Feet Swelling and Leg Pain During Pregnancy?

A guide to combat foot pain. No two pregnancies are exactly alike, even if you’ve been through the process before. And sometimes your body’s response to the demands of growing a new life trickle down to affect your feet and legs. One complaint that many of us have is muscle cramps at night and swelling during the day.


As a podiatrist we do see from time to time a flare up with certain foot related conditions but after seeing many cases of chilblains coming through the clinic which can affect women children and the elderly I wanted to add to a recent short post to our AMA Podiatry face book page. “With Winter still here we are seeing an alarming increase in Chilblains”. These are lesions associated with vaso-spasm of the capillary beds and result in cell death.