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Sporting injuries…. What should I do?

I have an injury

AMA Podiatry see many runners and triathletes who become injured. For many patients a definite diagnosis is the clear goal in helping their recovery process and getting them back to the sport they love. But often many are unsure of what to do and how to act to ensure that fast recovery time. Let’s look at some helpful tips to get you back to health!

Act Now!

A safe and speedy return to activity following a sports injury depends on early recognition and treatment. The treatment of an acute injury during the first 72 hours is imperative in speeding up its recovery process. Many overuse injuries, such as tendonitis or stress fractures, happen over time and often have subtle symptoms. The result can be a delay in diagnosis and treatment, and delays can lead to a more serious or disabling injury. Listen to your body and seek guidance from your health provider sooner than later!

The right health provider

It isn’t always easy knowing who to see, often your trusted health provider has a network of associates that can be referred to if you are unsure. AMA podiatry can assist in advanced treatment options for foot, ankle and knee related injuries, when coupled with either shockwave therapy or high-level laser therapy. Often reducing traditional injury recovery by half.  Once pain and inflammation has settled (high-level laser/shockwave therapy) the implementation of muscle stimulation can be used to provide immediate rehabilitation to an injury site to prevent re-occurrence.

Clarify the injury

Returning to sport after injury is best helped by your health provider providing you with clarity:

  1. What is exactly wrong? (diagnosis)
  2. Why did this happen? (mechanism of injury)
  3. What do you/I need to do (management plan)
  4. Recovery time of injury? (timeframe)
  5. What if I don’t respond to treatment as expected?

Your treating practitioner should outline a management plan for that first 48 hours, then continuing treatments moving forward. (remember every day after this 48-hour window will delay by at least one week). This should cover the time to treat the injured site, treatment options, ie shockwave/laser therapy/strengthening/stretching exercises as well as a detailed biomechanical assessment.

In the case of chronic injuries, most athletes aren’t educated on why the injury keeps occurring, or why the painful symptoms haven’t yet ceased. That is why it is important to discuss options, biomechanical assessment, joint range movement tests, muscle strength testing and postural abnormalities. Education can explain why the injury occurred and how it can be addressed in the future.

Commitment to the plan

When you and your practitioner have discussed the results NOW is the time to take ACTION! With an understanding of the treatments involved you need to commit to the plan and follow through. You will get the best outcomes and return to full training in a shorter time frame when you work together.

Injury Prevention

Your practitioner will help guide you to your normal activities, as part of that plan they will assist in a preventative approach to injury prevention. That maybe through a combination of podiatry, physio, osteo. Strength training, orthotics, cross training, massage, myotherapy.

Their goal is to make sure you keep doing the things that you love, and more importantly injury free.

AMA Podiatry deliver longer patient consults, so you can receive the very best consultation, diagnosis and treatments.

We provide, accurate evaluations, diagnosis, treatment rehabilitation, prevention management in relation to structural and musculoskeletal conditions.

We consider all treatment therapies to ensure an accurate treatment plan.

Enjoying your sports and training, and if you have any questions please contact us at the clinic for further discussion regarding your biomechanical issues.

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