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With advanced knowledge of diagnosis AMA Podiatry also have the skills necessary to treat any lower limb condition it is presented with. Prevention is better than cure and we do not see age as a diagnosis rather than an observation. We take into consideration both the physical and environmental facts. This can only be done by Listening and observing.

Being part of the extensive Maternal health team of the South East region of Melbourne we have developed treatment regimes proven to help the youngest child. These treatments may be as simple as reassuring the parent through to stretching and massage techniques.

The sound understanding of motion in sport allows us to understand the mechanism behind most injuries and complaints. We also have the in house backup of highly trained staff to ensure the recovery through to a positive prognosis.

AMA Podiatry uses a true and proven orthotic technique that is unique to AMA Podiatry. Using only a triplanar correction we full balance the skeleton thereby reversing most degenerative changes that have occurred in the body and if we treat early in life, first 30 years we can have a very positive influence on the growth of an individual. These techniques have been developed over the past 30 years and are based on sound scientific writings and research by notable anatomist and researchers.

With Our Clinics at McKinnon and Burwood VIC, Alex Adam Podiatry & Associates service a wide area of VIC for all types of Podiatrists requirements. You can email us with your enquiry, fill out our online patient form, or call during business hours for professional Podiatrists assistance. Whether it’s shoe, or perhaps feet, you will find our knowledge on all Podiatrists services and products can help you make the right decision.

We cater for clients in the following and surrounding areas.

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